Laser Dentistry: The Future Of Dental Care … Today!

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You’ve seen them in the movies.

You’ve seen them on television.

You may have even seen them at a rock concert or two.

But now, you can experience the excitement of lasers … at the dentist office!

Maybe excitement isn’t the right word, but you can enjoy the benefits of laser dentistry at our office in Hellertown, PA. Dental lasers have a wide range of uses, and we believe they are the future of dental care.

So, why not starting taking advantage of this advanced dental care for yourself and your family today?

Below, we will be discussing a few of the ways lasers help our patients at Hellertown Dental Group. To see the results for yourself, request a dental appointment online or call us at 484-858-0949.


Fighting Cavities With Lasers

The human eye is a remarkable thing. It can see incredible detail, and it can adjust itself to work in bright light or darkness.

But it can’t see everything. When you and your family visit us for a dental cleaning and exam, we are always looking for signs of tooth decay or cavities. We hope you never have a cavity, but we would much rather find one early when it is easier to treat if you do.

With that in mind, we have the DIAGNOdent. This laser gives a new way of finding cavities earlier than ever before. The laser can measure how much light is reflected by a tooth. This information can help us locate cavities long before they would be visible to the human eye.

That’s only the start of how lasers can help in the fight against tooth decay, however. Dental lasers also give us a gentler alternative to “the drill” for removing decay, too. This helps to prepare a tooth that needs a filling.


Fighting Gum Disease With Lasers

Along with tooth decay, gum disease is the most common oral health problem affecting American adults. Some experts have estimated that as many as 80 percent of Americans have some form of gum disease or another.

In mild cases of gum disease, called gingivitis, you may only need a scaling and root planing procedure along with some improvement to your daily oral hygiene routine. In more advanced cases of gum disease, called periodontitis, we may need to break out the PerioLase.

We use the PerioLase to perform the laser-assisted new attachment procedure, better known as LANAP. By using the laser, we don’t have to cut into your gums with a scalpel. Instead, we can “zap” infected gum tissue to remove it.

The laser also seals the healthy tissue, which means you may not need any sutures. When compared with gum surgery, LANAP will reduce your recovery time as well.


Improve Your Smile With Lasers

Find a mirror and look at your smile. You’ll probably see teeth and gums. Someone who shows more gum tissue than he or she would like can be said to have a “gummy smile.”

If you consider your smile to be too “gummy,” you can change this with a cosmetic procedure called gum reshaping. Like gum disease treatment, gum reshaping used to require a scalpel, stitches, and some time to recover.

With dental lasers, we can remove excess gum tissue to create a more pleasing teeth-to-gum tissue ratio for your smile. As with gum disease treatment, the laser seals your tissue, which means you won’t need stitches in most cases, and your recovery time will be shorter as well.


How Can Our Dental Lasers Help You?

To take advantage of the many benefits of laser dentistry, schedule an appointment at Hellertown Dental Group. You can contact us by filling out our online form or by calling 484-858-0949.


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