Need a Reason to Choose Hellertown Dental Group? Here Are a Few of Them

A lot of people need a reason before they make a decision. You don’t buy a new car unless your old one is no longer working the same (reason). You don’t go back to school unless you want to get your degree and a better job (reason). You choose your dentist because they offer services that will fill your needs and you feel you can trust them (reason). We all need a reason to make the choices that we make. Hellertown Dental Group knows that and wants to make it easy on you. Here are a few of the reasons we should be your and your family’s dental provider.

Our Staff

Our team is second to none. We have a staff that is experienced and has been with us for many years. They know what goes on here on a daily basis and can help solve your dental problems, no matter how big or small.  They are a professional, hard-working, and caring group who only have you, our patient, in mind.

Our Comfort Options

  • Starbucks – Our office provides Starbucks coffee to our patients while they wait. Coffee is great, and free coffee is even better, but free Starbucks coffee is almost too good to be true.
  • Pillows and Blankets – Your comfort while you are with us is a top priority. Many people feel cold in a dental office, even with the heat turned on. To help you through this, we offer blankets to our patients if they start to feel a chill. We also offer a pillow to let you be as comfy as possible while you receive treatment.
  • Kid Friendly – We have games for the kids to play with while you wait. There is nothing a parent hates more than trying to track down a child who has gone off while at the doctor’s office. Here, they will be too sucked into our games to wonder what is going on in other areas of the office.
  • TV and Music – Television and music are provided to help you stay relaxed and pass the time while you wait. This gives our office a very homey feel when coupled with the coffee, pillows, and blankets. You will never be more comfortable at the dental office than when you are at Hellertown Dental Group.

Our Dental Technology

We offer a wide array of the latest dental technology available.

  • CEREC – This allows us to create your crown right at the side of your dental chair in one visit.
  • Intraoral Scanner – We are able to take a digital scan of your tooth that has been prepared for the crown.
  • Cone Beam Computed Technology (CBCT) – The latest in digital scanning technology gives us a clear picture of what is going on in your mouth.
  • Computer Shade Matching – We are able to match your new restorations to the exact shade of your current teeth. No one will be able to tell the new from the original.

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