3 Options for a Straight Smile and Aligning Teeth

What orthodontic treatments are available for adults and what are your options?

Imagine this: You look in the mirror every day and you see it – it’s your smile with crooked teeth. You want to correct it, but you are not sure how an adult gets orthodontic work. Isn’t it just for teenagers?

Thankfully, adults have several orthodontic treatments options to choose from. By calling us today at (610) 838-0131, you can set up an appointment to review your options. Our dentists have the training and experience needed to examine your smile and help you pick out the best way to finally have a straight smile.

Why You Need Straight, Aligned Teeth

There are several reasons why you need a smile full of straight teeth. The most obvious one is staring right back at you in the bathroom mirror. Your smile doesn’t look nearly as good as it should with crooked teeth. That can make you feel less confident talking to people, and it can lower your self-esteem.

By calling Hellertown Dental Group today, you can make your first appointment for orthodontic treatments. When your smile is finally looking good, you won’t have any problems worrying over what people think of your teeth.

But orthodontic treatments do more than just make your smile look great. A misaligned smile leads to several dental and health issues including:

  • Headaches/migraines
  • TMJ disorder
  • Gum disease
  • Cavities
  • Weakened enamel

You can even get help with your bite. For example, many people have malocclusion. That’s when your teeth do not meet properly when you close your mouth. Overbites, underbites, and even open bites are all forms of malocclusion. Orthodontic treatments can shift how your teeth come together when you bite by repositioning teeth and jaws.

Orthodontic Treatments For Your Smile

Then what can you do about it? Because our dentists believe you should have choices when possible, you can call us today at (610) 838-0131 and make an appointment to discuss your options. Here are three different orthodontic treatments you can get.


This is the orthodontic treatment you expect (and maybe even had as a teen). Our dentists will carefully connect metal brackets to the front of your teeth. A wire connects those brackets. By coming into our Hellertown, PA dental clinic every so often, you’ll have those wires slightly tightened. This is what slowly gets your teeth and jaw into the right position.

Traditional metal braces are great for people with severely crooked teeth or jaws. They’re also often the most affordable orthodontic treatment. However, many do not like how out of place they look in your smile.


With ceramic braces, you get a more discreet orthodontic treatment. You’ll still have brackets and wires used to gently move your teeth and jaw to where they need to be. But instead of obvious metal, these are made with clear ceramic brackets. Even the wires are harder to notice because they’re colored to match your teeth.

If you like the idea of traditional braces but have concerns over how you will look with them in place, then ceramic braces can be perfect for you.


This modern orthodontic treatment does not have any metal at all! Invisalign uses series of clear, plastic trays called aligners. Each aligner is made just a bit different. You wear them over your teeth. By changing out an aligner for a new one every so often, your teeth and jaw are slowly but surely repositioned as with braces.

Invisalign is great if you have mildly or moderately crooked teeth or bite issues. Plus, it’s made from clear plastic. When worn, people can hardly notice you’re wearing them. If you want straight teeth but don’t want it to be obvious that you’re getting orthodontic treatments, Invisalign is just what you need.

Call us TODAY at (610) 838-0131 or contact us online to schedule your initial appointment for orthodontics. Because our dentists have the right combination of training and experience, they can help you find which of these three treatments is best for your needs. Then you can get started on finally having straight, aligned teeth.

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