4 Reasons Why Your Teeth Might Need To Come Out

Does that toothache mean you might lose that tooth? Not necessarily, but you still need to call us at (610) 838-0131 and schedule an appointment. Our dentists have the training and diagnostic tools needed to help know what to do. There are times when a tooth can be saved, but there are also times when the best thing to do is a dental extraction.

You Should Never Ignore A Bad Tooth

If you have a tooth that’s giving you problems, one of the worst things you can do is to hope it goes away on its own. Most dental problems need solutions, not time to get worse. Keeping a bad tooth in your mouth can lead to other problems:

  • Your tooth can break with a part still in your jawbone.
  • Toothaches and dental pain can get much worse.
  • Infections can spread in your body.
  • Your jawbone can deteriorate.
  • You could have pain whenever you try to chew.

That’s why it’s so important to call our Hellertown, PA dental office today and schedule an appointment. Our dentists have the advanced training needed to know if a tooth can be saved. If not, they have the experience to use a dental extraction safely and without too much discomfort.

Cases When A Dental Extraction Is Best

How do you know if a tooth needs to come out? Here are four common reasons why you might need a dental extraction.

– Gum disease went untreated for too long, and you have to control how you lose a tooth.

Gum disease is when the harmful bacteria behind cavities attack your gum tissue instead of your teeth. At first, your gums become irritated and can bleed when you brush and floss. If you don’t get treatment for it, things can get much worse. The disease attacks your jawbone and causes gums to recede from your teeth.

That means some of your teeth will get loose and will fall out eventually. In these cases, a dental extraction is needed so you can control how you’ll lose that tooth. Otherwise, it could break off in your jaw, or you could swallow it.

Call us today at (610) 838-0131 and schedule an appointment. Our dentists have the expertise to diagnose gum disease and treat it. And if that tooth needs to come out, at least you’ll know our dentists are trained to do that with a minimum of discomfort.

– An infected tooth went untreated for too long, and now it’s too brittle to save.

That same bacteria can cause more problems if they get inside your teeth. Normally, your enamel protects the dental pulp inside. If a cavity gets bad or a tooth is cracked, bacteria can slip past the enamel. They infect your dental pulp. Not only is that painful, it can make your tooth very brittle.

By calling our Hellertown, PA dental office today, you can make an appointment for a root canal. This treatment removes infections and can save your teeth. If you wait too long, the tooth will be too brittle to save. It will be a danger to your oral health, and so a dental extraction will be needed.

– You have an overcrowded smile.

It’s not common, but it’s entirely possible for people to have too many teeth as an adult. Sometimes, this is because they were just born with too many permanent teeth. Other times, it happens when a baby tooth never falls out. Either way, you are stuck with an overcrowded smile.

Not only can this make your smile look bad, it can make it easier for food to get stuck between your overcrowded teeth. That’s why you need to call Hellertown Dental Group today and schedule an appointment. A dental extraction can ensure you have the right number of teeth.

– A wisdom tooth is not impacted but still causes problems.

Wisdom teeth come in late; that’s why they’re nicknamed “wisdom” teeth. (You’re older and wiser by then.) However, coming in late like that often creates problems. They can try to come in under your molars. Even if they come in just fine, they’re so far back that they’re prone to cavities and infections.

That’s why you need to call our Hellertown, PA dental office today for a dental extraction. You do not need your wisdom teeth. Because they cause problems most of the time, they often need to be removed. Our dentists can extract wisdom teeth except if they are impacted. In those cases, the extraction needs to be done by a specialist.

Call us TODAY at (610) 838-0131 or contact us online to schedule your next appointment. That painful tooth might not need to come out. But you won’t know until our highly trained dentists have a chance to thoroughly examine your teeth. Between their experience and our diagnostic tools like digital X-rays, you’ll finally know if that tooth can stay. If not, our team can use a dental extraction to safely remove that tooth.

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