5 Common Dental Emergencies and How to Handle Them

If you are having a dental emergency, call us immediately at (610) 838-0131 and explain what’s going on. You can normally be seen the same day that you call. Even if we’re already closed, call so you can get our after-hours number for help.

That said, you need to stay calm during a dental emergency as much as possible. Here are some tips that can help.

3 Key Tips For Handling Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are particularly scary. Sure, any kind of emergency can make you feel confused and unsure. But involve your teeth, gums, or bleeding, and things get worse. Here are three key tips for handling any dental emergency. By knowing what to do, you can feel more confident and can do something helpful.


You probably have a medical first aid kit somewhere at home, or at least you know where everything is. Then why not create a dental first aid kit? This way, you’ll have something to grab and immediately help with many dental emergencies.

Take a sealable container or box, clearly label it, and then add the following:

  • Hellertown Dental Groups’ address and phone number
  • Sterile gauze
  • Dental cement (you can find this at most drugstores)
  • A small container with a sealable lid
  • Plastic gloves
  • Pain relievers (just not aspirin)


If you’re cut and bleeding from the lips, gums, or tongue, you need to focus on stopping the bleeding. Use a sterile cloth or gauze and apply direct pressure to the wound. Keep doing this until the bleeding stops.

If you cannot stop the bleeding, then go to your nearest emergency room. That’s the more important problem.

CALL US AT (610) 838-0131

The dentists at our Hellertown, PA dental office understand dental emergencies cannot be planned for ahead of time. That’s why they will always try to fit you in the same day that you call. You’ll receive a different after-hours number if you call and our office is already closed for the day.

In fact, you can put our phone number in your phone and name the contact “Dental Emergency.” This way, you have one less thing to worry about when something bad happens.

Stay Calm By Knowing What To Do Next

Here are some specific tips for the more common dental emergencies.


Save-a-Tooth Emergency Kit

Pick up the tooth by the top part and gently rinse it off. Try putting it back in the socket. If it won’t stay, place it in a small container with just enough water to cover it completely. Then call our Hellertown, PA dental office for an emergency appointment. (If you cannot get the tooth, then skip ahead to the phone call.) Better yet, keep an emergency Save-a-Tooth Kit on hand – it can keep the tooth alive for 24 hours so you have time to get to the dentist.


Use cold packs or non-aspirin pain relievers to dull any pain. Call us even if you are not in any pain, as anything strong enough to hurt enamel can damage the inside of your teeth. Plus, a crack could allow harmful bacteria to infect the tooth.


Don’t worry about the filling, but do get the dental crown if possible. Then use dental cement. For a filling, this will act as a temporary filling for the next day or so. Dental cement can also be used as a temporary adhesive to get a dental crown to stay put. Then call Hellertown Dental Group for an emergency appointment.


Leave the tooth alone — testing to see how loose it really is can just make it fall out completely. Call us immediately for an emergency appointment. It is possible to save a loose tooth, but sometimes they will have to come out completely and be replaced.


Give us a call immediately if a toothache gets too bad and you cannot stand it anymore. Use cold packs and non-aspirin pain relievers to manage the pain until you can be seen.

Remember, the key to any dental emergency is to call us at (610) 838-0131 for an emergency appointment. With our dentists’ skills and training, you can get the help you need during a dental emergency.

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