CEREC Same Day Crowns: Giving you a Reason to Smile

One of the hardest things to do is wait for something. You may be sitting there and saying you are a patient person, but think of the last time you had to wait in line to use the bathroom. I’m willing to bet your patience was pretty well tested at that point. Waiting is a part of life, and for the most part, we are all able to tolerate it. But when we are forced to wait for something that we need, it gets really tough. When your smile has a problem, waiting on the solution is not something you want to do. In some cases, that wait may a week or more! What are you supposed to do until then? Not smile? Not talk to people? Hellertown Dental Group, in Hellertown, PA, understands the difference between waiting for something minor like the bathroom and waiting for your smile remedy. That is why we have invested in the CEREC system to help get you smiling freely faster and easier than ever before.

So, the first thing that you are asking yourself right now is probably, “What is CEREC?” The next thing you are likely going to ask is, “How can CEREC help me, and why is it so good?” Did we get it right? If yes, you are are going to love what is coming up in this article, because we are going to go over what CEREC is and how it can help you and your smile. If your questions about CEREC aren’t answered, then please let us know and we will be sure to get you all the information you need. Our online form is a great place to start. Now, it’s time for the fun to begin. Let’s explore CEREC crowns and how they can make your life better.

What Is CEREC?

CEREC is short for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.” This is a type of CAD/CAM dentistry (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing) that allows the dentists at Hellertown Dental Group the ability to create a custom crown for you in a single office visit. The CEREC technology eliminates the wait that used to stand between you and your new smile. A standard crown normally takes between one and two weeks to make. That requires at least two visits to the dentist before you have your smile repaired. With the wonder of chairside dental crowns now possible because of CEREC, you can have your new smile that same day.

Where Did CEREC Come From?

The CEREC system was first developed in 1980 at the University of Zurich. Dr. Marco Brandestini and Professor Werner Mörmann developed CEREC and successfully treated their first patient in 1985. Sirona is currently in control of CEREC, and they have increased the accuracy of the method by incorporating a 3D camera system. This new system, called Bluecam, can now give Dr. Hunsicker-Morrissey a highly detailed image of your tooth, which allows for an even more accurate restoration to be made for you.  

CEREC also has the ability to produce several crowns at one time, shortening the wait between you and your new smile that much more. In less than 30 years, CEREC has changed the world of dental crowns and the innovations are still coming.

Benefits Of CEREC

CAD/CAM dentistry has allowed us to provide you with a ceramic restoration in a single visit. This eliminates multiple visits for impressions, fittings, and installation of your restoration, and no temporary crown is required. The CEREC system also allows Hellertown Dental Group to mimic the biting surface of the tooth that will be replaced. Each of your teeth has a unique biting surface, kind of like a fingerprint. Matching that surface increases your comfort and the effectiveness of your restoration. CEREC has truly changed the game when it comes to dental crowns and ceramic restorations.

You may be a patient person, or you may have a hard time waiting in the drive-thru, but it doesn’t matter. CEREC will have you and your smile on the road to better health and appearance in a single visit. Call Hellertown Dental Group today at (610) 838-0131 to schedule your appointment. You can use our online form to schedule your appointment as well.

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