Don’t Overlook The Symptoms Of Gum Disease

To ensure your smile has a healthy foundation, give the team at Hellertown Dental Group a call at (610) 838-0131 to book a consultation for a professional gum disease treatment.

We provide treatments that address the health and appearance of your gums and the rest of your mouth as well at our Hellertown, PA dentist office. We want to do all we can to offer comprehensive general dentistry services for all of our patients so you won’t have to waste time seeking out and driving between various dental specialists.

By taking care of your gums now, you’ll be able to avoid a whole slew of problems in the future. With healthy gums, your mouth will have:

  • A strong, resilient foundation that will keep your chompers firmly in place
  • A pleasing balance of white teeth and pink gumline
  • A better chance of avoiding issues like gum recession and infection

If it turns out that you do have an infection in your gums, we want you to know that you are not alone and shouldn’t stress about it. A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 47 percent of all Americans are affected by periodontal disease in some form or another.

Because it is so common and is a condition that needs to be addressed, most insurance companies cover at least a portion of a periodontal treatment. And even if you don’t have dental insurance, we’ll still work with you – in fact you can benefit from enrolling in our HDG Advantage Dental Program, which is a dental membership plan for those without insurance.. We accept a wide variety of payment options so you won’t have to stress about how you’re going to pay for your care. We even offer in-house financing!

So you don’t have to go in late or cut out early from work, we offer some flexible appointment times that most other dentists don’t. We mostly keep the same nine-to-five that you’d expect, but also offer appointments:

  • Early in the morning at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Late in the evening until 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. Monday through Wednesday
  • On Friday mornings

Learn What To Look Out For When It Comes To Gum Disease

Part of why periodontal disease is so common is because it often goes undiagnosed, especially for people who do not maintain a good regimen of oral hygiene habits at home and skip their routine dental cleanings and exams.

But if you know the symptoms that typically come with gum infection, you’ll be able to take action sooner than later and give yourself a better chance at a quick recovery. Here are some signs of periodontal disease for you to keep an eye out for:

  • Gums that bleed easily when you brush and/or floss your teeth
  • Swollen, red, and/or tender gums
  • Feeling as though some or many of your adult teeth have become loose
  • Sections of your gumline that have pulled away from your tooth roots, leaving them exposed and potentially sensitive to extreme temperatures
  • Persistent and/or chronic bad breath with no clear source to attribute it to
  • A sudden change in how your teeth or dentures come together when you bite down

Gum disease is basically an infection caused by bad bacteria getting in between your gumline and your tooth roots. Left untreated, your gum tissue will become infected and be unable to do the things that healthy gums do, like hold your teeth firmly in place.

In order to treat this problem, we will use two deep-cleaning methods to get rid of the bad bacteria and help your gums get back to optimum health. First, we will use a special instrument to scrape away plaque and calculus from between your gums and tooth roots (this is called scaling). Then, we will smooth your tooth roots to make them less hospitable to plaque and calculus (this is called root planing).

If we suspect there is any chance of discomfort during your procedure, we will numb the area with a mild but effective anesthetic so you will feel more comfortable.

We also offer a few amenities for patients to make your overall visits as pleasant as possible, including:

  • Cozy pillows
  • Warm blankets
  • A kid-friendly atmosphere for if you have to bring your little ones
  • TV and music to make your short wait in our reception area feel even shorter

If you are nervous, our caring and compassionate team will do all we can to help relieve your dental anxiety.

To book a gum disease treatment at Hellertown Dental Group, call (610) 838-0131. You can also use our online form to book or ask questions.

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