The Future Is Now With Laser Dentistry

Dentistry has changed a lot over the past few decades. Just like with any part of your life, new technologies keep coming along that can do things better. When it comes to helping your smile, that new technology is the dental laser.

Don’t bother with old, outdated methods. Call our Hellertown, PA dental office today at
(610) 838-0131 to make an appointment for laser dentistry. Dr. Hunsicker-Morrissey and the team are expertly trained to use laser technologies to help with cavities, gum disease, teeth whitening, and more.

Benefits Of Laser Dentistry Treatments

It’s not like older dental treatments don’t work anymore. You can still get root planing and scaling for gum disease, digital X-rays for finding cavities, and so on. It’s just that a dental laser has some advantages:

  • You’ll experience less pain because the impact on your teeth or gums is more precise.
  • You won’t bleed as much since the laser stops bleeding often.
  • Your healing time is faster because the treatment is less invasive and more accurate.
  • You’ll have less dental anxiety since there’s no noisy drill.
  • Your dental treatment is done faster because there are fewer things going on.

Treatments Using A Dental Laser

Here are the dental treatments made better by laser dentistry to help them be more accurate, quicker, and effective.


You can nearly stop snoring today by targeting it at the source – without appliances, nose strips or other devices/products. Laser Light Therapy with Solea Sleep technology at Hellertown Dental Group only takes about 5 minutes and gently tightens tissue in your soft palate to reduce the vibrations that cause you to snore. You can even purchase the Solea Sleep Treatment online for yourself or a loved one.


Your gums should have a small but visible part in your smile. But some people are born with too many gum tissues. This leads to a gummy smile or one where the gums show too much and the teeth look too small. Either way you look at it, you’re left with an unattractive smile.

Thankfully, you can call Hellertown Dental Group today and make an appointment for laser gum reshaping. This is not just fast, it’s painless! That dental laser will gently remove the extra gum tissues so your smile is balanced and attractive.


Your mouth is home to harmful bacteria. When they live on your gums, they irritate and damage the tissues there. This is called gum disease, and if not treated, will lead to an infection that can cause your teeth to fall out.

That’s why you need to call Dr. Hunsicker-Morrissey and make an appointment for laser gum disease treatment. Here, the laser will be able to target any infected gum tissues and stop the infection while leaving healthy tissues alone.


The same bacteria that cause gum disease can live on your teeth. When this happens, they erode the enamel and cause cavities. You can repair these with a dental filling or a dental crown, but the damaged enamel needs to be removed first. That can also get rid of the bacteria at that spot.

Instead of having that decayed enamel removed by hand, you can call our Hellertown, PA dental office at (610) 838-0131 and get the decay removed by dental laser. This makes sure the area is ready for a filling or crown.


Because your enamel has no nerves in it, you can have a cavity without realizing it. Our dentists are well trained and can spot cavities in your teeth when you come in for a dental exam. But to find cavities even too small to see with the trained eye, you can get the DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection system.

A small laser is used to examine your teeth and find any tiny cavities. This is entirely painless! And by finding cavities that soon, it will be easier (and cheaper) to repair the damage they cause.


After so many years of coffee, tea, and wine, your bright smile can be dull, dingy, and brownish. Tobacco use just makes that worse. Until you get teeth whitening, your smile will continue to bother you like that.

A dental laser can help with teeth whitening as well. With the Zoom teeth whitening system, a special gel is applied to your teeth. Then a dental laser is used to activate the gel and lift stains without damaging your teeth.

Call us TODAY at (610) 838-0131 or contact us online to schedule your next laser dentistry appointment. Your dental problems will get worse until you get them treated. And with our modern dental technology, you can get those treatments easier than ever.

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