How to instantly fix problematic teeth

Do you have crooked teeth? How about stains? Gaps? Damaged or worn down teeth? No one likes having these problems, but everyone would love an instant fix. The instant fix, known as veneers, are now available at Hellertown Dental Group and Implants – so call us at 610-838-0131 to schedule your new smile.

How Dental Veneers Work

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than just making your teeth look good. When you get dental veneers, your confidence and self-esteem can improve. That’s because you know other people will enjoy looking at your pearly whites.

Dental veneers are thin shells of a durable, enamel-like material. As soon as our dentists bond them to the front of your teeth, your smile is amazing. Here’s exactly what our dental veneers can do for you.

5 Instant Effects Of Dental Veneers

1. Worn teeth will look smooth and healthy.

When you chew for years and years, it’s natural for your enamel to get a bit worn along the edges. Some people have irregular edges naturally. Either way, those teeth tend to stand out when you smile. That can sap your confidence and self-esteem.

Call the Hellertown Dental Group today for an appointment to get dental veneers. Our dentist can make these just big enough to cover the whole tooth, including the edge. You’ll have a mouth full of teeth with smooth, healthy-looking edges. That’s something to feel good about.

2. Gaps between your teeth can be covered up.

The teeth in your smile are supposed to be right up next to each other. It makes a smile look good. But over time, your teeth can start to drift apart. You get these noticeable gaps between your teeth. Food can collect there, and it takes away from how you smile looks.

By calling to make an appointment for dental veneers, you are on the road to getting this fixed. Our dentists can place them perfectly on your front teeth so they cover those gaps. Instead of seeing spaces between your teeth, people will only see a healthy smile. Imagine how good it will feel to see that in the mirror each morning.

3. Crooked teeth can look straight again.

As with gaps, your teeth can grow crooked over the years. Your teeth never really stop moving. Plus, so many years of chewing food puts pressure on your teeth. It’s easy to have a few teeth that aren’t angled correctly.

That’s why you need to call our Hellertown, PA dental office today. By placing our dental veneers on your teeth just right, our dentists can make your crooked teeth look straight. It won’t fix major problems, but that’s the point. Why get orthodontics to fix some minor problems with crooked teeth?

4. Damaged spots are both hidden and protected.

Chips and cracks can happen to your teeth. When they do, it looks bad even if they don’t feel bad. A smile with chipped, cracked teeth can make people wince when they think about what caused that damage. Even if your teeth are white and even, your smile can be embarrassing when you have cosmetic damage like that.

Call Hellertown Dental Group today for dental veneers. These will hide all cosmetic damage on your front teeth. After our dentists place them expertly, you’ll be proud to show off your healthy smile. Plus, dental veneers protect those damaged areas so they won’t get worse.

5. Dark stains are hidden by a healthy, white color.

As the years went by, you might have noticed your teeth are darker. If you drink a lot of coffee or smoke, your teeth can be yellow, brown, or just dingy. None of that looks attractive, does it?

Thankfully, you can call to make an appointment for dental veneers. Our dentists artfully place these ultra-thin but durable shells to cover up all stains and discolorations. When you leave our Hellertown, PA dental office, you’ll have a smile full of teeth people will love to see.

Call us TODAY at (610) 838-0131 to make an appointment for cosmetic dentistry with dental veneers. Our dentists have the advanced training and experience necessary to work well with this cosmetic dentistry treatment. You’ll walk in with a poor smile. You’ll leave with a beautiful one that makes a lasting impression.

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