How Laser Dentistry Can Help If You Have Tooth Decay

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Dentistry is full of exciting innovations these days, and one of the newest – lasers – just keeps on getting better and better. If you’d like to learn about the various applications of laser dentistry, including detecting and removing tooth decay, call Hellertown Dental Group at (610) 838-0131 today!

Catch And Eliminate Tooth Decay With Laser Dentistry

A lot of people that have had a tooth filling done in the past do not like the sound, let alone the feeling, of getting tooth decay removed using traditional methods. Even if your tooth is completely numb, you know what’s being done and can’t help but think of it just from the sound alone.

But when you visit Hellertown Dental Group with a cavity, you’ll benefit from having any decayed tooth material removed using one of our state-of-the-art dental lasers. During this process, we will also prepare and shape your tooth to ensure your filling will bond properly to your tooth. This dental laser is much quieter and more comfortable than the tools used by many other dentists.

We also use a special DiagnoDENT machine that uses lasers to detect signs of cavities that would normally go overlooked. This way, we can catch signs of decay while the problem is still very small. Whether you or your child have the beginnings of a small cavity, this technology allows us to:

  • Find the problem early before it actually penetrates your tooth surface
  • Treat it more easily
  • Preserve more of your natural tooth surface

When we do restore the natural shape of your tooth with a tooth filling, we will also color-match your filling to the rest of your smile using computer-assisted shade matching technology. A lot of dentists offer tooth-colored fillings instead of the metal options of the past, but not very many can ensure your tooth will be repaired in a way that will blend in with the rest of your smile so well!

If we suspect any discomfort is possible during your treatment, we will use an anesthetic to numb your mouth just in case.

Protect your future smile with some of the most futuristic dental technology and techniques available by visiting Hellertown Dental Group for laser dentistry! Call (610) 838-0131, visit our easy-to-find Hellertown, PA dentist office in person, or use our handy online appointment form to schedule or feel free to ask our team any questions.

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