Tips for your Kid’s Candy this Halloween

Let your kids have some candy, then hide the rest.

Your children will always be around sweets. They need skills and experience with restraint. Getting rid of all the Halloween candy can make sweets that much more tempting. Instead, let your kids have some candy. Then hide the bag somewhere out of sight to reduce temptations.

By calling to set up dental cleanings and dental exams after Halloween, you can help your kids’ teeth and gums. Halloween can make small problems worse.

Sticky Candy Should be Skipped

Not all candy is made the same. Some, like sugarless gum with xylitol, can actually fight gum disease and cavities. Sticky candy like gummies and caramels is the worst. The sugar in them gets stuck all over your teeth and gums, exactly where harmful bacteria should not be fed.

That’s why calling to schedule dental cleanings and dental exams is so important. You want to make sure your children’s smiles are healthy after Halloween is done. Thankfully, the staff here at Hellertown Dental Group are experienced in both working with kids and helping smiles stay healthy.

Eat well just before hitting the parties or trick-or-treating.

Kids have trouble resisting sweets. (Lots of us adults have that trouble too.) That gets more difficult when they’re very hungry. Before you hit the parties or trick-or-treating, fill them up with a healthy but big meal. Then candy won’t look so tempting on Halloween.

When you call our Hellertown, PA dental office today, schedule appointments for your children for dental cleanings and dental exams. No matter what you try, your kids will eat candy this Halloween. You need to make sure their smiles are clean and free from cavities and gum disease.

Drink plenty of water.

It’s not practical to think your kids will brush and floss after each piece of candy this Halloween. What can help is drinking water. Saliva helps wash away tiny particles of food left in the mouth. Not only does drinking water do this too, it helps their mouths create enough saliva to keep doing that.

Dental cleanings and dental exams from our Hellertown, PA dental office can help even more. Bacteria can leave plaque and tartar on teeth, so our dental cleanings help clean your kids’ smiles. Early detection is very important in dentistry. Dental exams from a highly trained dentist like ours can help you fix problems while they are still small.

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