Why Zoom Teeth Whitening Bests even the Strongest Kits Available Online or in Stores


Did you know that many famous public figures whiten their teeth at their dentist? The luxury treatment is the true secret behind their smiles. Well, there’s a good reason why actors and politicians whiten their teeth professionally — it just looks good. But thanks to modern Zoom teeth whitening, you can get a same luxurious Hollywood smile quickly at Hellertown Dental Group. Call us today at 610-628-9337 to schedule your next appointment for cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Hunsicker-Morrissey and her team have years of experience in making teeth look white and healthy again. You deserve a smile that makes you happy, and at our Allentown, PA dental office, you can get that done much better than any drugstore teeth whitening kit purchased online.

The Many Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

Isn’t worrying about the color of your teeth a bit vain? No, not at all. Are you vain if you want clean clothes or a decent haircut? How you look impacts your whole life. Here are some of the benefits to getting your teeth professionally white.

  • It’s usually easier to speak with people you’ve never met before.
  • You can look years younger.
  • Those embarrassing stains are gone.
  • Your confidence and self-esteem go up.

By calling our Allentown, PA dental office today, you can get one step closer to enjoying all those benefits.

Problems With Online Drugstore Teeth Whitening Kits

No doubt, you know there are teeth whitening kits available at drugstores. They promise great results in the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, those kits have several problems.

You must follow their instructions to the letter for decent results.

You know what instructions look like for retail products: long, confusing, and printed very small. That’s what you get with drugstore teeth whitening kits. But you have to follow those instructions perfectly if you want results. If you misunderstand or misread something, you might end up with some teeth whiter than others. Instead of a great smile, you have one that looks weird.

Your gums can be irritated and hurt.

Along the same lines, you have to be careful not to get too much of the teeth whitening on your gums. The whitening gel (or whatever the kit comes with) is made for tough enamel, not soft gum tissue. Get too much on your gums, and you could irritate or even damage them.

The whitening agent is made weak on purpose.

Why are you buying one of these drugstore kits? To get your teeth white. But did you know manufacturers make the whitening agent in those kits purposefully weak? That’s done to sell the kit without a prescription. Drugstore teeth whitening kits technically work, but the whitening results are poor. That’s why the most effective whitening kits are only recommended by the team exclusively through our store.

Get Better Results With Zoom Teeth Whitening

At Hellertown Dental Group, you can get professional-strength whitening with the Zoom teeth whitening system. Here are a few of the reasons why this system is much better than any drugstore teeth whitening kit available online.

Your teeth really do get white.

Zoom has a much-higher concentration of whitening agents compared to drugstore kits. In fact, this strength is only available to dentists. The whole point of this cosmetic dentistry treatment is to lift stains and make your teeth white. You can get much better results with Zoom.

A highly trained dentist will do the work.

Both of our dentists are highly trained and experienced in using Zoom teeth whitening. That means they know how to deliver excellent results safely. Instead of wondering if you read the instructions right or if that itch on your gums is a bad sign, you can sit back and let someone else do all the work.

You can get professional-strength whitening in our office or at your home.

If you come into our Allentown PA dental office, you can get your teeth significantly whiter in roughly one hour. That’s perfect if you have a busy schedule. But because our dentists want you to have options whenever possible, you can also get take-home trays with the same professional-strength whitening agents.

Call us TODAY at 610-628-9337 or contact us online to get your teeth truly white. Drugstore and online teeth whitening kits are cheaper, but as you know, “cheap” can often mean “not worth it.” Skip those kits and get professional teeth whitening from our trained dentists.

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