Your Children May Be Hurting Their Smile

Your kids depend on you for dental care. But what you don’t know could be hurting their teeth. Call Hellertown Dental Group today at (610) 838-0131 to make an appointment for your children.

Family Dentistry In Hellertown, PA

Some dental offices prefer to only see adults. Here at Hellertown Dental Group, we love it when families show up. Our team knows how to work with kids and how to help yours feel more comfortable and relaxed here. After all, we are a family dental office.

How Your Kids Can Hurt Their Smiles

We know how kids always seem to hurt themselves. They have so much energy and need to burn that off every day. Your children can be hurting their smiles too, and without you realizing it. Here are some ways your kids’ smiles might be at risk.

Brushing right after enjoying food and drink with lots of acid in them.

Acid can hurt enamel. It corrodes enamel and weakens it. There are many foods and drinks high in acid, including tomato sauce, fruit juices, salad dressings, and more. While brushing after eating is normally good, brushing after eating acidic foods just pushes acid deeper into the enamel.

Call us today to schedule a dental exam for your children. Our dentists can see if your kids’ teeth are damaged and help treat any problems while they are still manageable.

Suspiciously quick brushing and flossing.

You know kids. Tell them to clean their room, and they often put a few things away and call it done. The same can be true with cleaning their teeth and gums. You might remind them each night to brush and floss, but are they doing it right? If they’re spending a few quick seconds to finish both, they’re not really getting things clean.

By calling us today, you can schedule a dental cleaning and dental exam for your children. Our whole team knows how to work with kids, and we love to see them! Your kids can leave here with professionally clean teeth.

Using a toothbrush too big or tough for their mouths.

In some ways, brushing is only as good as the toothbrush being used. Don’t buy any with hard bristles. Those can actually damage your kids’ enamel. Also, make sure you buy one small enough so your child can reach the back teeth. A big toothbrush might look cool, but it can make it impossible to reach those molars. Here are some age appropriate oral care items for kids.

That’s why you should call our Hellertown, PA dental office today for new appointments. We can help you pick the right toothbrush for everyone in your family. That way, your kids can help keep their teeth and gums clean enough to keep harmful bacteria under control.

Staying active without an athletic mouthguard.

Childhood obesity is a problem in our country, so we want kids to be active and play sports. Besides, it’s good fun and a great way to build character. All sports carry some risk of injury, and that includes injuries to the teeth.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss athletic mouthguards. Think of them as helmets for your kids’ smiles. It can make the difference between a healthy mouth and expensive restorative dentistry work.

Drinking “hidden” sugar in fruit juice and sports drinks.

You know to limit your kids’ access to sugar. That’s probably why you only let your children drink soda occasionally, if at all. That’s a great thing! The problem is that many other drinks have a ton of sugar in them. Fruit juices and sports drinks usually have plenty. When your kids drink these, they’re coating their teeth in sugar just like drinking a can of soda.

When you call our dental office, schedule an appointment for a dental exam for everyone in your family. Of course, our dentists can use fillings and dental crowns to repair cavities. But we’d much rather help you avoid cavities altogether. That means regular cleanings with our dental team and checkups every six months.

Not drinking enough water.

Saliva in your mouth helps wash away food particles stuck there. These feed the bacteria behind gum disease and tooth decay, making that washing very important. If your child is dehydrated, they’ll likely have a dry mouth. That means there’s no saliva helping get rid of the bacteria’s food.

When you come into our Hellertown, PA dental office, we can help by conducting a thorough exam. Our dentists will explain everything they find, including whether your children have any problems with cavities or gum disease. Encourage them to stay hydrated to help avoid these problems.

Call us today at (610) 838-0131 to schedule appointments for your whole family. Dental exams and professional dental cleanings are needed for your whole family, but especially for your kids. Not every dental office sees children, but our team loves to have them come in. We offer family dentistry and can see children as young as two-and-a-half years old.

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