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Are You In Pain? Your Body Is Saying Something

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Life would be a lot easier if we were able to communicate clearly about everything. Dogs would no longer mess in the house or even need to go outside (once we explained how toilets work). We would always know what the check engine light meant in our cars (mechanics use words and terms that are like a different language), and men and women would finally know what the other was thinking (half joke, half serious). Unfortunately, that is not how things work. There are signs, hints, and clues all over about what the world is trying to tell us. One of those clues is when you feel pain.Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. The general rule of thumb is that the greater the pain, the greater the problem. So, if it really hurts, something is really wrong. Dental pain can be especially troubling, because of all of the different things we do with our mouths. It is also unique because you don’t just go to the doctor for a mouth issue, you go to your Hellertown Dental Group dentist. So what are you supposed to do if you have a dental pain? First, you need to figure out if you have a dental emergency or just a general problem.

Are You Having An Emergency?

Figuring out if you have an emergency is not quite as easy as it sounds. There are times when you may be in dental pain, but there is no need for emergency treatment. Figuring out what those situations are will save you and your family lots of time and money.

Types of Emergencies

In terms of dental emergencies, there are several that are common. The first is a cracked or broken tooth. Depending on how severe the crack or break is will determine whether you need an emergency trip or just an appointment. Having a tooth knocked out is an emergency just because saving your tooth is a race against the clock. You should seek medical attention as quickly as you can. An abscess is a condition that you may not think is an emergency but is one of the highest orders. Leaving the infection to be treated when it is convenient for you puts both your affected tooth and your whole mouth at risk.

What Do You Do?

The first thing you need to do is call Hellertown Dental Group. We will make room to see you on the same day or very next day after you call us. Your situation will be handled as quickly as we can. If you call us after hours, you will receive instructions on what to do next. Your teeth are in good hands with Hellertown Dental Group.

If you’re in pain and think your situation is urgent, call our office at 610-838-0131 to schedule your emergency appointment. You can use the online form to schedule your appointment as well if it is not an emergency.

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