Dental Implants

Gaps in your smile can interfere with eating and speaking, and lead to serious oral health concerns.

At Hellertown Dental, we can use implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures to restore function, comfort, and health.

The primary use of dental implants is replacing missing teeth. However, our doctors may also recommend an implant-supported restoration for patients whose teeth are compromised beyond repair. In some cases, severe damage, decay, or gum disease can make removing and replacing teeth the best option.

Our doctors can assess the health of your smile during a consultation. We will always attempt to save teeth if possible.

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Dental Implants, Hellertown PA

Feels real, looks real: the real choice to replace a missing tooth

One of the quickest ways to derail your smile is to lose a tooth. Your smile is just not the same without all of your teeth in it. It is kind of like throwing a party for a person, and their best friend doesn’t show up. With that person there, the whole party could have been better. Don’t let a missing tooth do this to your smile. Hellertown, PA dentist at Hellertown Dental Group is here to help you fill the spot that is left when you lose a tooth and make your entire smile better again. Dental implants from your chosen Hellertown, PA dentist will seamlessly fit into your smile. The look, feel, and stability will be just like that of a real tooth. In the past, your only options for replacing a missing tooth were a dental bridge or dentures, and while these are still great options to help fill out your smile, the introduction of dental implants can now give you a whole new sense of security in your smile.

What are dental implants?

When people say they have dental implants, many times they are referring to a replacement tooth. Strictly speaking, a dental implant is not a replacement tooth. It is instead a replacement tooth root. Your favorite Hellertown, PA dentist at Hellertown Dental Group will gently place the titanium dental implant into your jawbone. The titanium allows the implant to fuse with the bone. This is what gives the implant its unmatched stability while in your jaw. It begins to act just like your natural tooth root did. A replacement tooth, referred to as a crown (different than the cap like crowns for damaged teeth) is then placed on top of it. Together, they form your new replacement tooth.

What types of implants does Hellertown Dental offer?

There are three types of dental implants we offer to our patients.

  • Traditional Implant – This is a normal-sized implant, recommended for use on both the top and bottom parts of your jaw. An implant will give you the stability, look, and feel of your natural tooth.
  • Mini Implants – These smaller-gauge implants require a less invasive placement technique. This means you will have a shorter recovery time following the placement. They are often used to secure dentures.
  • Wide-Body Implants – These are a wider gauge and shorter length than the other types of dental implants. This means that the implant will not go as deeply into your jawbone, thus eliminating the possibility of affecting nerves that run through your dental structure as well as your sinus cavity. These fit well in molars after extraction and can help avoid bone grafting around the area.

Are implants better than dentures?

Dental implants have actually been integrated into our denture offerings. With dentures secured by dental implants, the need for messy adhesives has gone by the wayside. Implant-supported dentures offer the stability of dental implants and the look of a full mouth of teeth. Ask your trusted Hellertown, PA dentist at Hellertown Dental Group about how dental implants can improve your denture experience.

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  • Hellertown Dental Group is such a well run dental office through the COVID Pandemic. All the workers are so friendly. The place is clean and put together so well. You don’t mind going to this dental office. Wonderful!! 😊

    Colleen Mcfadden

    Colleen Mcfadden

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    Diane Kirk

    Diane Kirk

  • Dr. Ann and my hygienist Miramar were amazing. I absolutely love it there! They make you feel comfortable, heard and safe. They are incredibly attentive and kind! My teeth feel great!

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    Morgan Flaff

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