Your Smile Isn’t Gone for Long

Have you lost your smile due to age, bad luck, or a combination of both? We have some great news for you. There is a way get your smile back! Dentures from top-rated Hellertown, PA dentist at Hellertown Dental Group can give you back the smile that was taken from you.

What Are Dentures?

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Dentures are a removable replacement arch of teeth. If you are missing several or all of your teeth and are looking for an affordable, noninvasive tooth replacement option, we recommend that you come in for an initial appointment to get the denture process started. During this initial appointment, your Hellertown, PA dentist will help you determine what type of denture will fit your situation. Once you have settled on a type of denture, a series of dental impressions will be taken. These impressions are what your actual denture will be modeled off of. A cast will be made, and you will try on the model denture for fit and feel. After we’ve determined that everything is good to go, your denture will begin to be custom made for your mouth. All of this will take place over the course of several appointments. In a few weeks, you will have your new arch of teeth and be ready to show them off to the world.

What Types Of Dentures Are Available At Hellertown Dental Group?

There are three types of dentures that are available at Hellertown Dental Group.

  • Full – This is a full arch of teeth. That means this type of denture will replace all of the teeth on either your upper or lower jaw, or both. You will have to wait several weeks to get your permanent pair of dentures, so your Hellertown, PA dentist may fit you with a temporary set to tie you over until your permanent set is ready.
  • Partial – A partial denture will replace the teeth in a select area of your mouth. You will still have many of your original teeth, and the partial will fill out your smile so that there are no open spaces.
  • Temporary – As mentioned, a temporary set of dentures is meant to be just that, temporary. They will fill in your smile and allow you to eat while you wait for your final pair. However, your gums will get smaller following the removal of your teeth, so your temporary set of dentures will eventually become loose. This can cause irritation to your gums as the dentures shift while you talk and eat, which is why we must create a custom pair after your mouth has adjusted.

Are Dentures Better Than Implants?

Implants are an alternative to traditional dentures, but they have also been integrated into the application of dentures. So neither one is necessarily better than the other. In fact, each person’s situation will dictate which option is better at any point in time. The two types of dentures with dental implants that we offer are:

  • Implant-Retained – This type of denture will have dental implants that hold it into place. The implants will snap into the base of your denture and secure it in your mouth. This gives you the stability of implants and the benefit of a full smile from your denture arch. The implants play an important role in minimizing the bone loss that normally accompanies the loss of natural teeth.
  • Implant-Supported – Your denture will still be held in your mouth by dental implants, but instead of snapping into the base of them, your denture will be supported by dental implants that have a bar that clips onto the back of them. The bar will be bonded to your denture arch to provide a secure, no-slip fit when you are eating and talking to people.

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