Relieving Dental Anxiety

Forget your dental anxiety at Hellertown Dental

These days, we all have reasons to worry everywhere we look. Going to the dentist, however, should never be one of those concerns. With so many other things to be afraid of, our team here at Hellertown Dental Group will make sure that you are comfortable and at ease while you are in our chairs. Come by and see us. With our dental anxiety relief and kind staff, we will keep you smiling no matter what the world throws at you.

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Relieving Dental Anxiety, Hellertown PA

Is dental anxiety common?

Dental anxiety afflicts between 15 and 24 million Americans. These are the ones who will avoid going to the dentist no matter what dental problem is going on. Another 60 million Americans experience enough fear that they will go to the dentist only if it is absolutely necessary. So, dental anxiety is pretty common.

Of those who have expressed a fear of going to the dentist, more than 60 percent have said that their fear is attributed to a dental experience from their childhood. Taking care of your teeth when you are young leads to good dental hygiene when you get older. As your trusted dentist, Dr. Hunsicker-Morrissey will make sure that your experience is comfortable and relaxing, whether it is your first time or your hundredth. We won’t do anything that will be the cause of more stress in your already hectic life.

What are some steps I can take to lessen my dental fear?

There are some steps that you can take to lessen your own dental anxiety. The first is to identify what caused your fear. Was it unexpected pain at the dentist? Is it a feeling of being powerless in the dental chair? Whatever the cause of your anxiety, you should try and figure out what it is. The next step is to talk about it with someone you trust. It is best to discuss any issues with Dr Hunsicker or one of our team members, this way we will be able to address any concerns you may have. We have had extensive experience with patients who are fearful just like yourself, and we will take steps to make sure you feel safe and relaxed while you are with us.

How can Hellertown Dental help with my dental anxiety?

Besides being a willing ear to hear about what is bothering you, we also have other ways of helping you through your dental anxiety. If you are worried about your dental treatment, we offer longer appointments for you. This way you don’t have to feel rushed while getting the care you need. The team members at Hellertown Dental Group will be sensitive to your situation and are ready, willing, and able to make sure you feel comfortable and secure during your visits.

You can trust us to provide you the best dental treatment affirmed by educational background and accomplishments. Dr. Hunsicker­-Morrissey is an achiever of a Mastership from the Academy of General Dentistry.

  • Hellertown Dental Group is such a well run dental office through the COVID Pandemic. All the workers are so friendly. The place is clean and put together so well. You don’t mind going to this dental office. Wonderful!! 😊

    Colleen Mcfadden

    Colleen Mcfadden

  • I had a great experience here. Thank am very nervous at the dentist and Brittany was very sweet and calming for me. She let me know every step she was doing. What a great place!

    Diane Kirk

    Diane Kirk

  • Dr. Ann and my hygienist Miramar were amazing. I absolutely love it there! They make you feel comfortable, heard and safe. They are incredibly attentive and kind! My teeth feel great!

    Morgan Flaff

    Morgan Flaff

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