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A Lost Smile Can Be Restored at Hellertown Dental Group

Restoring your smile is what restorative dentistry is meant to do. You might have had some bad luck with the health of your teeth, but your trusted Hellertown, PA dentist, Dr. Hunsicker-Morrissey at Hellertown Dental Group can help you get back the smile you had and gain the smile you have always wanted.

What is restorative dentistry?

What is Restorative Dentistry

This type of dentistry is centered on getting your mouth back to a healthy state. Restorative dentistry is not considered an actual dental specialty but rather refers to using many different techniques from other specialties to fix your dental issues. These treatments can include veneers, dental implants, fillings, crowns and bridges, and root canal therapy. Whatever is needed to save your teeth and restore your smile is on the table when it comes to restorative dentistry.

What kind of dental fillings do you offer?

Hellertown Dental Group offers porcelain and composite resin dental fillings. With an amalgam-free filling, you will have a smile that is free from the unsightly gray that metal fillings come with. Your Hellertown, PA dentist, Dr. Hunsicker-Morrissey will go over the benefits of each type of material and help you decide which one is right for your situation.

Are root canals painful?

For some reason, a myth has been perpetuated that a root canal is one of the most painful dental procedures you can have. This is simply not true. In reality, a root canal is no more painful than having a tooth filled. As the top-rated Hellertown, PA dentist, Dr. Hunsicker-Morrissey at Hellertown Dental Group, we know that everyone has differing levels of pain tolerance – what does not hurt one person may be very painful for another. That is why we tailor our anesthetic doses to the person and pay attention to how you are feeling throughout the process.

What is the difference between a dental crown and a dental bridge?

A dental crown is a device that is used to save a damaged tooth from suffering further damage. It fits over the tooth like a cap and is bonded into place. This preserves the tooth and gives you back the functionality of your mouth. A bridge is a dental device that is used to span the gap between teeth when you lose a tooth from your smile. A false tooth is attached to two crowns and bonded into place on your natural teeth.

What is the difference between an inlay and an onlay?

Both of these are considered to be partial crowns. They address problems that need more than a filling but less than a true crown. Made of porcelain, an inlay is applied to the inner part of your molar’s biting surface, while an onlay is applied to the outer part of your biting surface and even onto the sides.

What are the benefits of getting a dental veneer?

Dental veneers are great for fixing minor issues with your teeth, such as chips and cracks. A veneer is bonded to the compromised tooth and is able to support and protect it from further damage. It can also help with cosmetic issues, such as stains.

What is the difference between dental implants and dentures?

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots topped with replacement teeth. Dentures are either a full or partial arch of replacement teeth. Dental implants can be used to hold a single replacement tooth, a bridge, or a denture in place.

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