Extraoral Suction Systems in Every Exam Room

Clean Air with Suction Systems

Anyone who’s been to the dentist is probably familiar with the suction devices that dentists and hygienists place inside your mouth to collect water, saliva, blood, and debris during a procedure. These systems greatly reduce the amount of spray and splatter formed while you’re in the chair, but they can’t entirely prevent small particles from entering the air.

That’s why Hellertown Dental Group has installed an extraoral (“outside the mouth”) suction system from ADS Dental in every one of our exam rooms.

Our new weapon in the war on Coronavirus:
The Terminator

This video clearly shows why ADS calls its extraoral suction system (EOS) the Droplets & Aerosols Terminator. The system collects droplets, dust and pathogens produced during routine dental procedures–also known as aerosol–through a suction mouthpiece hood. And what happens to that aerosol next would make the “other” Terminator proud.

Capture and Kill

Inside the ADS system, viruses, bacteria, and other particles are trapped in a 3 layered HEPA filtration system. Next, the air is dried using a precision water vaporization filter. Finally, the air passes through a medical grade UV-C light disinfection system, which irradiates and kills any remaining pathogens.

The CDC recommends “high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration unit while the patient is undergoing, and immediately following, an aerosol generating procedure.” In addition to the air filtration systems already in use, the EOS systems at Hellertown Dental Group have been proven effective in reducing both the frequency and intensity of contamination in dental operatories.1,2

Has it been a while since you’ve had your teeth cleaned? Now’s the time to make an appointment with a member of the Hellertown Dental Team!

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1 Shahdad, S., Patel, T., Hindocha, A. et al. The efficacy of an extraoral scavenging device on reduction of splatter contamination during dental aerosol generating procedures: an exploratory study. Br Dent J (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41415-020-2112-7
2 Yamada H, Ishihama K, Yasuda K, et al. Aerial dispersal of blood-contaminated aerosols during dental procedures. Quintessence Int 2011;42:399-405

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