Hellertown Dental Tests Dog Breath Spray

We love our best friends no matter what – but sometimes you want to help them smell a little better. Today we’re going to try Dog Breath Spray to improve the breath of our beloved dog Charlie.

Setting up the Test

He’s getting up there in age, so he’s kind of stubborn when it comes to trying new things and his breath isn’t as fresh as it was when he was a puppy.

Test Product: Tropiclean Oral Care Spray – Peanut Butter – 4oz

Our first step was to rate his current breath smell.

Our volunteer smelled Charlie’s breath and he immediately had to jump backwards to get away from it, so we knew it was bad. “It smelled like barf wrapped in a dead fish”, was the only way he could describe it.

Breath Smell Before: 10 on the stink-o-meter (MOST stinky bad breath)

“It smelled like barf wrapped in a dead fish.”


Testing the Product

The first thing we learned is that it’s EXTREMELY difficult to spray this directly into your dog’s mouth. After we spent 10 minutes trying this, we finally succeeded though. Charlie wasn’t happy, but his breath would thank him for it.

We found that it was MUCH EASIER to spray it on the palm of our hand and have him lick it from there. Charlie loved the taste so he slurped it right up. Your dog may let you put things in their mouth, but this was much safer and easier for both of us.

Now came the true test – our volunteer smelled Charlie’s breath again. “Wow, what a difference – it smells fresh and clean. It only has a slight hint of peanut butter smell to it. ” The good breath lasted quite a while too.

Breath Smell After: 1 on the stink-o-meter (pleasant smelling breath)

“Wow, what a difference – it smells fresh and clean.”

Charlie likes it!! Afterwards, he went about his business of sniffing flowers outside and marking his territory. After all, he has to let “interested parties” know he’s back in town and protect his stash of fresh breath spray!


Summary of Results – Final Thoughts

This product worked as described and we’d have to give it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. The dog loved it and so did we.

We’d recommend spraying it into your hand or a bowl or something similar, and letting the dog lap it up on their own, rather than spraying it into their mouth, but regardless of how it’s done, it does work.

There were no side effects other than fresh breath.

Also, the bottle is large enough to last a long time too, or use among a few of our furry friends. We only used a few pumps and we could smell a big difference.

To purchase this product or any other pet dental product we review, visit our store here.









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