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Sometimes you have to wonder: are you brushing enough? Are you flossing enough? Is there any more of that icky sticky white stuff left over on my teeth? Well, the icky-sticky white stuff is called plaque and a new toothpaste we’ll be testing, PlaqueHD, aims to help us identify once and for all whether we’ve done a good job of brushing.

Setting Up The Test

If you’ve been to the dentist as a kid, you probably remember the red chewable pills they used to give you to highlight all the plaque on your teeth and show you where you needed to brush more. Well fast forward many years later and this same technology is now built into a toothpaste – no more red, gritty tablets.

Our volunteers, Sam, Jessica, Dayanna and Dr Ann were all ready to try out the new product.

Product Tested: PlaqueHD Berry Bubble Gum Flavored Toothpaste (also comes in mint flavor )

They estimated that the only plaque that they would find would be along the gumline where their teeth meet the gums.

Testing The Product

We totally under-estimated the how much plaque was forming in our mouths at all times!

As professionals, we’re expected NOT to walk around the office with greenish blue teeth – so we needed to get the green off and this forces us to brush for nearly 2 minutes.

After we brushed and brushed, the only spots remaining were the small crevices between teeth along our gum lines. The coloring wore off, but our need to floss was very apparent!



Summary of Results – Final Thoughts

We loved the concept and we loved even more that it actually worked – 5 out of 5 stars!

The color is up for speculation – some called it blue, some called it green, so we’ll call it blue-green.

In our quest to remove the blueish green color from our teeth, we were forced to brush our teeth slightly longer than we may have normally. It’s essentially the “gamification” of brushing and your reward is white teeth.

The flavor was fun and so was the experience. Our teeth felt clean as we would expect, but really it’s the psychological effect of the coloring that made us love this product – it’s worth it’s weight in gold if it can help us brush more effectively.

For more information on this product and others, visit our Patient Store.

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