MichaelDental Hygienist Lead

    Michael began working here at Hellertown Dental Implants after graduating from Northampton College’s (NCC) highly-regarded two-year dental hygiene program.

    He enjoys working with the latest technology as well as the opportunity to work one-on-one with patients, noting that “We care about what’s going on in your life – not just what’s going on in your mouth”.

    Although Michael is currently the only man working at HDG & Implants, he doesn’t mind. In fact, he said “I’m definitely glad I chose the route I went,” adding that it’s not too much different from his days at NCC, where he was one of only two guys in a class of 40. But he thinks more men are becoming interested in dental hygiene, similar to nursing in previous generations.

    In his spare time Michael enjoys paintball, cars–including his Mustang–and going on day trips/finding new places to eat.

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    Our waiting room is now open! Face masks are required for all patients.